Peel & Stick or Prepasted Wallpaper. Which is best for your wall?

It might be confusing when deciding between Tradtitional Prepasted and Removable Peel and Stick.

Below is a breakdown of each product to help guide your decision.

No matter what you choose, you will love your wallpaper!


Traditional Prepasted Wallpaper

The traditional prepasted wallpaper is a smooth paper product that has a wallpaper past coating on it’s backing (aka prepasted). This means that all you need to do is soak the wallpaper in water to active the past which glues the wallpaper to your wall.


  • IDEAL FOR HOMEOWNERS and long term installation. If you do not plan on moving anytime soon, this is the product for you.

  • The smooth paper is ideal for printing. The colors and clarity of the artwork is super bright and crips. It is seriously gorgeous!

  • Less expensive than the removable peel & stick wallpaper.

  • Easier to clean off light scuffing. Just use a dust rag.

  • DIY friendly. You can hang this product yourself.


  • Hanging is a little more technical. You can do it yourself, however if you are not handy, you might need to hire a professional wallpaper hanger.

  • Not easily removable. It will come off your walls, but it requires a wallpaper steamer to take off your walls.

  • Not suitable for bathrooms with any moisture.

Removable Peel & Stick Wallpaper

The removable peel & stick wallpaper is a woven material that has a ready to use adhesive on the back (like a giant sticker). This mean that you can stick it on your wall immediately after removing the backing, and it is repositionable.


  • IDEAL FOR RENTERS. This peel & stick wallpaper is totally removable! Once you are done with it, just peel it off the wall. No residue will be left.

  • DIY friendly. You can hang this product yourself, and it is really easy to use for other non-wall related projects as well.

  • Easy to replace if you like to switch things up every so often.


  • The printing is not as bright and crisp as the traditional prepasted option. It is still beautiful, but if you want the highest quality artwork, choose the prepasted option.

  • Kids love to peel this off the walls, so if you have kids, this is a warning! Prepasted might be better for you.

  • Not suitable for bathrooms with any moisture.


What would I, Samantha, choose?

I have used both products, and it just depends. In my last home and studio space, I knew that I would be moving within a few years, so I used the peel and stick and LOVE IT. For my new home, I know I will be here for a while, so I will be using the Traditional Prepasted. The print quality is better, and better for my long term installation. It really just depends on your situation.

My suggestion? ALWAYS ORDER A SAMPLE. A tangible example for you to see, feel, and test will help you decide.